Contributing to m9sweeper

Contribution Guide

Contributing to m9sweeper


In our GitHub repository, our contains all the steps to get started with hacking m9sweeper.

We are very excited to have you a part of our community!


There are multiple repositories that comprise the m9sweeper platform @TODO - create repos in github and link them here

m9sweeper Repo: This repo is the main repo that integrates all the other repos together.

Dash Repo: This repo contains the dash application and all the jobs/scripting to install the platform

Trawler Repo: This repo is where the scanning functionality of the platform is developed.

kube-hunter Repo: Our helm wrapper for the kube-hunter image that is integrated in the m9sweeper platform

kube-bench Repo: Our helm wrapper for the kube-bench image that is integrated in the m9sweeper platform

BUGS If you find any bugs or are having any trouble, please contact us by filing an issue in the m9sweeper repo issues.

If you have any updates to our documentation, please make any PRs to our docs repo or click on the Edit this page to be taken directly to the page.

Last modified August 29, 2023: Fixes for release pipeline (e99f051)